Tanisha King-Taylor was just INCREDIBLE. Honored to be your colleague”

“I felt compelled to reach out to you after the march this weekend. I heard your speech and was so moved by your message. You have inspired me to do more, to try harder. More people need to hear your message. Thank you for helping me realize my efforts now are not enough. I need to be more supportive and actively fight racism. I can do better.”

“OMG, This was amazing. I cried, I laughed, I felt power and strength through your words.”

“Awesome speech by Tanisha King-Taylor, very inspiring and influential! honored to see this!”

“That was everything! Tanisha King-Taylor spoke truth, life, and woke those up who may have been sleeping. Amazing job”

“I heard your speech at the Women’s March and I just want to say that it was PHENOMENAL!”

“Thank you, thank you, Tanisha. Standing and telling the truth without watering the message down because of who may be listening that don’t agree!  Thank YOU for using YOUR Voice!”

“You were amazing, Tanisha! We were lucky to have you, your speech went perfectly with the night’s theme”. 

— Domonique Arnold,  YWCA 

“Tanisha King-Taylor hit a homerun as the keynote speaker tonight at the Illinois & Indiana TRiO Conference at the University of Illinois Illini Union.” 

— Michael Jeffries, Special Assistant, Council of Opportunity in Education

“Tanisha King-Taylor DELIVERED. Transformed an entire space. Thank you for inspiring us.”

— Sheri Lewis, Genesys  Works